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We are a purveyor of artistic video productions within the evolving arena of Video Art. We’re continuing our work in establishing a progressive platform for the elevation and integration of video content aesthetically suited for display in the home or place of business. Our service will soon provide affordable, convenient access to a spectrum of Works as expansive as the imaginations of the Artists who created them…a unique blend of art & commerce benefiting both creator and consumer alike.

The Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder they say…Well we have beheld many wonderful Video Art Works ranging from the sublime to the boldly innovative. Appealing to an array of interests and individual curiosities, these Works also serve as an alternative choice for daily viewing within the home, workplace or public setting. Presenting high-definition artistic content as an attractive option to News, Sports and traditional TV Programming…What a “wonder-full”, colorful concept. Cheers!

The Artists

Pioneers, innovators, visionaries, digital craftsman…Video Artists are some of the coolest, not to mention creative folk on the planet and we’re fortunate to have connected with many of them and look forward to making the fruit of their labors and loves available for your personal enjoyment, exploration and entertainment. You’ll discover the creator behind the creative and have opportunity to support them while supporting your Art habit. Viva La Artist!

The Screen

Today’s video screens are flat, versatile devices connected to a world of content from multiple sources, transmissions and storage devices. They are large, they are small, they are mounted, they are portable. They are also great for displaying Video Art to complement almost any given space or place...at home, at work, at play, at hand. Give those wanting screens of yours an “art-lift”. ArtAvant can soon help you turn your screen into a digital, living canvas of artistic sight and sound for any occasion.


We set out to create a platform for the cultivation, creation and distribution of Video Art for broad audiences in line with evolving technologies and lifestyles. We've been to the drawing board many times throughout our journey, working toward an end result that would benefit those who produce Works as well as those who enjoy the Works produced. We look forward to introducing you in the near future to the result of multiple inspirations, explorations and perspirations. We believe in the power of Art, Artists and Art Lovers...Here's to a colorful, vibrant future and the blending of creativity and commerce for practitioners, consumers and spectators of Video Art!

Artistic Video For Screens Large and Small